Bar Latina Nights…Home of Probably the Best Salsa Club Night's in London!

Every Monday Night

Salsa & Bachata!

At The Irish Centre

About Us


Bar Latina Nights…Home of Probably the Best Salsa Club Night’s in London! for over 22 years….

Closed Sorry.

Monday @ Trent Park Golf Club, Bramley Road, London, N14 4UW. 

Has Now closed down for lack of support .



Licensed in the UK and across

the Globe with PRS & PPL we are 100% legal on

over 10 radio apps plus, Google Assistant /

Amazon Alexa Skills / Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV /

Android TV, and Sonos
Listen on these links below:



Playing a mixed Bag

Fonti Dj

DJ Caramilo


Leads the Intermediate Class.
Advanced Teacher & Company Director. Michael has been teaching salsa since 2002, and has worked with and helped found several highly successful salsa nights in and around London. His lessons have been consistently described as fun, and far more informative that his contemporaries.
Michael has pioneered a teaching method and style which makes learning salsa dancing easy!


Leads the Improvers Class alongside Lawson.

Lawson (AKA LJDan)

Leads the Improvers Class.

Lawson teaches the London Style.

Resident DJ, playing the best in RnB Salsa and Cuban

DJ Lady Spice

Teaches Salsa, Ladies Styling Teacher & Salsa DJ Hazra has studied salsa dancing and female styling with salsa greats such as Eddie Torres, Duplessy Walker and many others.
Not least is her love of good salsa music and is highly regarded as a Salsa DJ on Bar Latina Radio

DJ Caramilo

All the way from the Netherlands

Nicky Price

Promoter (The Big Cheese)


Radio Hosts On Rotation

Our Events


Monday 16th May 2022

Monday 9th May 2022

Monday 25th April 2022

Monday 4th April 2022 

this Monday 28th February 2022

21st February the start of our new PARTY



This year we have become a bit more BAXTA SKOOL has moved up… join the team for a more exclusive night with a complementary glass of bubbly or orange on your arrival.

Dress to impress.

Plus SAM will be celebrating her special birthday. bring cards.

August Bank-Holiday the Carnival Party

This is going to be a great party…look at the dj line a powerhouse of mixed salsa… Yes it’s true American fried chicken for all while stocks last. Stop Press it’s like going back in time…starting this bank holiday Kizomba is back. Bigginers class at 9.15 and the lounge will mix bachata and kizomba all night with dj Spike. So come on down.

Two new Great Deals

Deal ONE: For all those looking to start Salsa or Bachata classes, we would like to invite you to try us out for free…. your 1st class is on us. ie. try before you buy. lol

Deal TWO: Join us any time after 10pm until 1am for 3hours of non-stop music with our DJs on rotation Lady Spice, Lawson J, Sharky Dj, Tony Crossbody & DJ Fonti. All for the LOW price of £5.

Monday 8th July. the Beach Party…theme Beach swim & sport wear

Join us for a little bit of SALSA & BACHATA on the beach

£360 worth of VIP tickets to be won

Come and be judged by the Beach life guards

Price Drop for Social dancing……

Great News:…..

for all you social dancers the price has come down by £2. to an all time low £5. 

This price is from 10pm every Monday (excluding special events & bank-holidays)

Bank-Holiday Monday 27th May 2019 the theme WESTERN PARTY yeehaa.

Join us for a great Salsa night dressed as your favourite western hero …. watch

out for those mangy INJANS and ornery COWBOYS…. prizes for the best outfits cream eggs and chocolate cowboy doubloons

Monday, 6th May Early May bank holiday. leather & denim PARTY

Monday, 6th May
Early May bank holiday.

leather & denim PARTY

over £200 prizes in VIP entry

plus DJs on the night

DJ Fonti &
Tony Crossbody

bar latina nights @ the IC Pretoria Rd Tottenham N17 8DX
private car park doors open 8pm closes at 2am
Usual info on lessons

Bank Holiday Easter Monday the theme is WHITE & YELLOW

open 8pm close 2am

this bank-holiday Monday 8pm until 2am  – 2 rooms rm1 Salsa rm2 bachata & kizomba please share

Monday 15th april Guest Dj in the House Sharky…..

 These boys will ROCK the room with Salsa VIBES

on Monday 1st April (no fools here) MOTHERS DAY PARTY

Come and celebrate Mothers with our Salsa & Bachata Mothers Day Party party

until 2am chocolates & bubbly for you wonderful ladies.

join our Natalie tonight

today is Monday and we are back to Bar Latina!!!

8pm Bachata classes with Evelina and Barry Andrews
9:15 Bachata Sensual with Evelina Gluchowska Bachatera

Today’s Special!!!!
Natalie Thompsonand Ada Ip will perform for you Salsa ladies styling show by Andrea Stewart Full!!!

You cannot miss it, come and support our girls. It will be an amazing night:)

DJ Lady Spice Celebrates her Birthday join her ……Monday 14th January

DJ Lady Spice Celebrates her Birthday join her

Monday 14th January

DJs on the night

DJ Lawson & DJ Fonti

the BIRTHDAY dance is at 11.30pm




THE BLACK & WHITE BALL Monday 7th January 2019

Christmas Eve Red Party on Monday 24th December

Every Monday we celebrate Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba at the Irish centre with 9 teachers, 4 Djs & 3 rooms of music to suit your tastes.
Monday the 24th December we celebrate with our Christmas Eve Red colour Party. With a special guest Dj joining our regular crew until 2pm.
Plus Xmas giveaways and lots more…..

SALSERAS are really looking forward to performing at Bar Latina on 5th November join us

SALSERAS are really looking forward to performing at Bar Latina on 5th November please support us and come down…. plus Nicks off for 3 monthd to Australia join us as we say up yours lol

SALSA HALLOWEEN Fonti’s Birthday & a dance demo 29th October open until 2am

this Monday so much horror for one person…. dress to distress…fancy dress – 9 teachers – 4 Djs – great music – Fonti’s Birthday – a dance demo from the Fontinellas – Salsa room – Bachata room and closing at 2am xxxx are you coming oh yes and £360 of VIP passes for the best 3 winners of the fancy Dress contest… latina nights at the IC Pretoria Rd Tottenham N17 8DX… plenty of car parking call 07932668277 for more info

We are BAkTA-SkOoL 2018

join us and go back to the class room…. teacher, janitor, pupil, sports team, school nerd…?????

£10 entry starts 8pm ends late 2 classes included in your entry Bachata at 8pm Salsa at 9pm 3 top djs in the main room Guest DJ Fonti with lady spice and Lawson J.onths VIP entry. The best 3 outfits will each win the bar latina nights VIP card which entitles you to 2 lessons and entry for 3 months. Worth a total of £360…

Latin beach & a little Jerk Chicken Party..

Nicky Price Hits 65 join him on the beach with a little Jerk Chicken.

Vicers & Tarts Can Salsa

Pajama Party bank holiday 28th May 2018 8pm until 2am


7th May 2018 Bank-Holiday Monday Sportswear Party


the happily after Valentines Masked Ball Monday 19th February

the happily after Valentines

Masked Ball Monday

19th February

A nighte of Mystery & Romance



HAZRA aka Lady Spice celebrates her Birthday on Monday 15th January 2018


CLOSED Christmas Day

New Years Day…..Elegance & Glamour RED CARPET Ball

THE RED CARPET is rolling out….18th |December starring SANTA

Come celebrate lawsons & Jacqueline Birthday celebration food cakes and you…

Halloween 30th October

To Celebrate our 17 years we are holding a FANCY DRESS PARTY on Monday 9th October please join us new and old friends xxx

BAKTA SKOOL Detention …..

You are ordered to detention…

theme: anything to do with school……

open 8pm close at 2am

Djs on the night

Fonti Dj

DJ Hughie Hughie

and DJ. Lady Spice

3 rooms of MUSIC….

rm1: Salsa

Rm2: Bachsta

Rm3: Kizomba

Entry:  £8 entry plus 1 class

£12 entry and 2 classes


detention room is open

Easter is coming …join us old western style……Bank-Holiday Monday 17th April

The Big Birthday bash 13th March….

Valentines Ball 13th February 2017

the Late New Years Masquerade Ball 2nd January

the Red Party…..

Monday 28th join us for the Pre- New Year party. Bring in the new year with the bar latina crew and champion Cali dance team Luc Fernandez


our Christmas Party 21st December 8pm until 2am with Santa and all the crew


also join our birthday girl

Latin Jerk Party


Monday 25th May Bank-Holiday THE WHITE PARTY

THIS BANK-HOLIDAY the Theme is BUNNY’S & the colour YELLOW

easter2015lowres slideTHIS BANK-HOLIDAY the Theme is BUNNY’S & the colour YELLOW
Bar Latina Nights…Home of Probably the Best Salsa Club Night’s in London!

Mondays @ The Haringey Irish Centre Tottenham
Doors open 8.00pm
Two Rooms one price Playing

Salsa Classes 4 levels 9pm.
Teacher on the night:…
Bachata classes at 8pm & 9pm 3 levels
Teachers: Alex Rasero & Ewelina Gluchowska

Warm downs and club dancing 10.00pm

Close 1am open Bank Holiday until 2am
bar closes 30mins before the end of night.

Resident DJs and Guest DJs on rotation Rebel-Ian, DJ.Lee, Sharky DJ & DJ Steevo playing hot salsa, mambo, boogaloo plus a little, batchata & merengue.
Entry £6 only mems £8 guests £10 both classes

Pre – New Years Party

Monday 29th December

Early New Years Black & White Masked Ball

Guest Dj Rebel Dan

Open from 8pm – 2am

£10 in advance £12 On the dooor

Christmas Party – Red and Green

Monday 22nd December

Christmas Party: Red & Green

Salsa & Bachata

Sharkey DJ

Open from 8pm – 2am

£8 in advance £10 On the dooor

Our Classes


Salsa has a consistent rhythm and once this is understood there are lots of turn patterns and moves that can be learnt and danced to the music. However, Salsa is NOT a choreographed dance. The underlying emphasis in all classes is to teach the guys how to lead correctly and the ladies how to interpret the guys lead.
If you are not sure which class is most suited to your level please ask.


Bachata is a style of dance that originated in the Dominican Republic – It is now danced all over the world. Several slightly different styles have emerged but, unlike salsa, they all share the same basic step.

Absolute Beginner


Learning and understanding the basics is very important as everything else you learn in salsa will be built on top of this.

What you will learn:-

  • Salsa timing
  • Basic salsa footwork forward & back, side to side, breaking back, single turns
  • Basic salsa partnering
  • Correct partner hold
  • Correct posture and tension
  • Basic salsa partnering forward back, side to side, cross body lead, single turns, breaking back

Experienced Beginner

In this class we will learn a more difficult series of salsa moves and start to link them together, so the movement becomes more of a dance. This is still a beginner class so every part of the move will be broken down into simple steps, & the basics will be re-emphasised.

What you will learn:-

  • Cross body lead with inside turn for lady
  • Cross body lead with outside half turn for lady
  • Cross body followed by a break back
  • Intro to Spinning Technique
  • Cross body followed by a single push turn
  • Double handed push turn
  • Double handed Cross body Inside turn


The pace of the improver class will be faster than the beginners classes because the teacher will not be breaking down any of the basic steps, the emphasis will be on learning new moves to complement and add to the moves that you already know, new salsa technique’s for executing these moves and a focus on the person your dancing with, your partner and how you can add elements of style to your dancing.

What you will learn:-

  • Basic Copa, Copa with one and a half turn
  • Copa with a break back
  • Touch and Go moves
  • Intro to Ladies styling
  • Spinning technique
  • Arm locks, arm throws, flicks
  • Cross body lead followed by double spin


There’s much more to this class than just learning Int/Adv moves to lead and follow. By now you will have been taught all the things you need to know in order to lead or follow your partner around the dance floor to salsa music. You should be comfortable with leading or following moves & spins.

The next stage is to focus on the ‘way’ you lead or follow. You will get advise on how you can add Latin movement and styling to your leading and following. How to improve the connection you have with your partner on the dance floor & how to take ownership of the moves make them your own, so your dancing is a true expression of how the music makes you want to move. That is SALSA!

What you will learn :

  • Intermediate/Advanced salsa moves
  • Advanced salsa lead and following techniques
  • Adding Latin movement and styling to your salsa dancing
  • Improving your connection with your dance partner
  • Adding musical interpretation to your salsa dancing
  • Dance floor craft and etiquette

Get in touch with us

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  • Address: Haringey Irish Cultural & Community Centre, Pretoria Road, Tottenham, London N17 8DX
  • Phone: 07932 668 277
  • Email:

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